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The Rochester-Avon Historical Society is proud to introduce a select collection of 34 historic Rochester-area photos now available for purchase.

Please note that these photos are watermarked for online display only. Watermarks will not appear on purchased prints.

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01: The Haven

image 01

The Haven was built in the 1920’s as the Shinnick family retreat. Converted in 1932 to mental hospital and later burned to ground in 1973. Now Grosse Pines Subdivision.

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03: Boy Scouts

image 03

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 40 from Rochester, MI, 1945

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04: Railroad Car

image 04

Detroit - Flint Limited Railroad 1901-1931.

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06: H.J. Taylor Store

image 06

H.J. Taylor – 1905. Just South of Chase Bank today.

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07: Yates Cider Mill

image 07

Yates Cider Mill – began in 1863 as grist mill. Converted into cider mill in 1876.

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08: Carriage House

image 08

Carriage House – Julian S. Peters carriage painting, late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Just North of 200 S. Main.

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09: H.J. Taylor

image 09

H.J. Taylor. 1905. Just south of Chase Bank on Main 2016.

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10: 1910 Morse Block Bldg.

image 10

1910 Morse Block Bldg. Main Street between third and fourth. 2016 it is Arizona Saddlery and black and white bldg.

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11: Built in 1899

image 11

Built in 1899 at South Hill on Rochester Rd over Clinton River. 159 men built in one day (contract deadline).

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12: Fourth and Main

image 12

Fourth and Main. D.U.R. (Detroit United Railway) car. Early 1900’s.

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13: N. Main Street

image 13

N. Main Street. Fourth and Main. Early 1900’s.

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14: Old Mill

image 14

Old Mill. Ramsey Mill in Stoney Creek around 1910. Washington Rd, Winkler Mill Rd.

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15: First National Bank

image 15

First National Bank – Looking south on west side of Main from 4th Street.

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16: Avon Movie Theatre

image 16

Avon Movie. Opened in 1914 – Closed in early 1950’s. West side of Main Street. Previously the Idle Hour Theatre.

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17: Main Street

image 17

Main Street. Lambertson Bldg 1910.

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18: The Hills Theater on Main Street

image 18

The Hills Theater on Main Street. Built in 1942 and closed in 1984.

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19: Lytle Pharmacy

image 19

Lytle Pharmacy. Opera House built in 1890. Restored in 1989 by Bob Lytle.

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20: Crissman Drugs

image 20

Crissman Drugs. Corner of University and Main. Destroyed by gas explosion on May 20, 1992.

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21: Main Street 1915

image 21

Main Street 1915. Three wooden buildings became Hills Theater. 2016 it is Main Street Plaza.

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22: Knitting Mill

image 22

Knitting Mill 1930’s. 2016 home of Rochester Mills Brewery.

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24: Paint Creek Tavern

image 24

Paint Creek Tavern 1950’s.

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25: Rochester High School

image 25

Rochester High School. Early 1900’s. Fourth Street behind current Rochester Schools Administration Building.

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26: Black and White Cow

image 26

Black and White Cow. Corner of Tienken and Van Hoosen Rd. Sold milk, baking goods and crafts.

Please note this image is avalable at 12" x 18" only.

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27: Leader Dog

image 27

Leader Dog 1940’s.

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28: Chapman House

image 28

Chapman House. Walnut Blvd. Built in 1917. Renovated to a restaurant which opened 2016.

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29: Charles W. Upton

image 29

Charles W. Upton. Originally on Fifth Street. Business began in 1910.

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30: Main Street

image 30

Main Street. Early 1900’s.

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31: Chapman House

image 31

Chapman House. North Main Street. South of Romeo Rd. Built by Albert Kahn 1960’s. Was located behind where Paul’s Restaurant is today 2016.

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35: Rochester Elevator

image 35

Rochester Elevator. Northwest corner of Water and University. Built in 1880.

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36: Red Knapp’s

image 36

Red Knapp’s. Late 1950’s. East side of Main St. Famous for “Red Knapp’s” burgers!

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37: Cases Hardware

image 37

Cases Hardware 1960. West side of Main Street. Chase Bank resides there 2016.

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38: Map 1908

image 38

Map 1908. Map of Rochester. Island in pond is now where the Rochester library resides 2016.

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39: Fire Truck

image 39

Fire truck. Rochester fire truck purchased by National Twist Drill in 1942.

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